Since childhood I have dealt with an obsession over the supernatural and sublime, and as I’ve gotten older, the ability for those experiences to inject themselves into the human experience and be accepted. I’m fascinated by the way many people accept, for instance, the existence of a God, of ghosts, or life on other planets. I’m interested in the process of these mysteries fitting into what is considered truthful, real, and normal. With these thoughts in mind, my ceramic work becomes a sort of journal for me to express the curiosities I feel toward the process of forming a perceived reality. I strive for the surface design on each of my pieces to become a tiny life and for that life to find a place among the normal and mundane, a pot. In the same way I am intrigued to see people process supernatural oddities and tuck them away in their thoughts, I am delighted to see a design element on my work questioned, processed, and placed away in a cupboard alongside fellow cups and bowls.